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What are Teen Driving Contracts?

These are agreements between parents and teens that specify the rules of use for the automobile. Typically, it is not the teenager that owns the car, it is the parent who owns the vehicle. Teen driver contracts specify what is disallowed while using the car and specifies a consequence if the agreement is broken by the teenager.

Sometimes parents prefer to have a series of behavior agreements along with the driving contract while others prefer to have a stand-alone agreement. We feel each and every teenage driver should sign a driving contract with their parents.

Teen Driving Contracts would disallow activities and set penalties for:

  • Speeding
  • Reckless Driving
  • Misbehaving passengers
  • Drugs and Alcohol (including passengers)
  • Other dangerous activity (such as car surfing, driving with passengers in the bed of a truck, etc.)

To read more on this - please visit our page on why to use teen driving contracts.


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