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There are certain elements that need to be taken into consideration while creating your own contract.

Layout: Do you make it more plain / cut and dry? Or do you opt for the playful? We would recommend you make it like an actual agreement - no fluff - so the teen will know you are serious about enforcing any consequences/punishments.

Rules: What is the history of your relationship with your teen? Has the teen displayed defiant or reckless behavior previously? Is the teen trustworthy and responsible? The tone will be determined by the answers to these and other questions.

The Punishment: Is this a sweet-sixteen? Or is the teen already an experienced driver? Does the teen have a clean driving record or a poor history? We would recommend a series of consequences - first offense, second offense, third/final offense.  It may also be appropriate to put a consequence level depending on the severity of the offense.

Driving contracts take time and thought while preparing - make sure you are able to enforce it and you are comfortable with it before you present it to your teen. Then spend the time with your teen driver to discuss the rules and make sure they understand your intentions. Help them realize that automobiles are extremely expensive as well as the insurance, gas, and maintenance.

We also recommend a group of contracts that has a teen driving contract bundled with it for less than $20 and can save many hours.

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